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Our goal at Aegis Capital Management is to maximize your desired investment return and minimize your portfolio risk. We offer full service management and take a hands- on, proactive approach to managing portfolios. We are strong believers in diversification and use tax- sensitive, low- cost investment vehicles while managing asset allocation with regard to defined investment objectives. We work with carefully selected, experienced mutual fund and separate account portfolio managers who have proven track records in their specific areas of expertise. Our full service investment management includes:

Comprehensive Investment Plan

We first consider your goals for your wealth and your risk tolerance, in order to establish the appropriate asset allocation. We then select the best investment vehicles, with the best managers, to carry out our investment plan. We also address your needs for tax, estate and insurance planning to create for you a tailored, yet comprehensive, financial plan.

Continuous Portfolio Supervision

We continuously supervise, monitor and evaluate political, economic and financial market environments for their potential impact on investment performance. 

Investment Recommendations

Periodically we will make investment recommendations that are appropriate for you based on your specific financial goals and risk tolerances in the context of the current political, economic and investment climate as well as investment manager performance relative to their peers.

Client Meetings

Throughout the year we meet with you to review your portfolio's investment performance and discuss any changes in your financial situation. Once per year we review with you your investment objectives and guidelines. Each quarter we report back to you:

  • Asset allocation changes in light of performance and investment goals
  • Investment performance versus stated benchmarks and peer group performance
  • Any performance deviations and suggestions for corrective action

Minimum Account Size

Optimally, accounts are generally $1,000,000 minimum. Accounts that do not meet this minimum will be taken into consideration.


Fees for continuous investment management are based on a percent of assets managed, ranging from 0.5% to 1% depending on the size of your portfolio.


Why should I work with Aegis Capital Management?
Who will be managing my money?
What is a CFA and why is that credential important?
What is the general philosophy that guides your work with clients?
What do you hope for your clients?
What differentiates Aegis from other full service managers?
Do your full-service clients get personal attention?
On what basis are you paid?
How often do you meet with your full-service clients?
How can you help me if I want a consultation?
Do you provide socially responsible investment services?
Once I decide to work with you, what’s the next step?



Socially responsible investing incorporates the investor’s social, ethical, moral, or religious criteria in the investment decision-making process. Some people define it for themselves as investing with their conscience, or investing with heart. It is a way to extend your personal values into your finances, and to make conscious decisions about how your money will affect issues important to you.


If you are interested in socially responsible investing, we will guide you through the process of determining how your portfolio can best reflect your values. We work with dedicated managers in the field to ensure that your portfolio meets both your financial and socially responsible goals.


In addition, Aegis maintains a philanthropic giving program which focuses on helping women achieve financial independence. We currently donate 5% of revenues, or 100% of profits, to nonprofit agencies which include the Global Fund for Women, the Economic Development and Justice Fund of The Women’s Foundation, and YWCA Kauai, which is the sole provider of support for domestic violence victims on the Island of Kauai. Our goal is to grow our bottom line to eventually donate up to 25% of revenues to these nonprofit groups.



I always hear about screens in socially responsible investing. What are screens?
How do I know if socially responsible investing is for me?
Can I do well financially through socially responsible investing?
If I choose socially responsible investing, do all my investments need to be made that way?
Is socially responsible investing more complicated than other types of investing?
What are some of the more proactive socially responsible investment strategies?


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