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Investment Advice

Our goal at Aegis Capital Management is to maximize your desired investment return and minimize your portfolio risk. We offer full service management and take a hands- on, proactive approach to managing portfolios. We are strong believers in diversification and use tax- sensitive, low- cost investment vehicles while managing asset allocation with regard to defined investment objectives. We work with carefully selected, experienced mutual fund and separate account portfolio managers who have proven track records in their specific areas of expertise. Our full service investment management includes:


Comprehensive Investment Plan

We first consider your goals for your wealth and your risk tolerance, in order to establish the appropriate asset allocation. We then select the best investment vehicles, with the best managers, to carry out our investment plan. We also address your needs for tax, estate and insurance planning to create for you a tailored, yet comprehensive, financial plan.

Continuous Portfolio Supervision

We continuously supervise, monitor and evaluate political, economic and financial market environments for their potential impact on investment performance. 

Investment Recommendations

Periodically we will make investment recommendations that are appropriate for you based on your specific financial goals and risk tolerances in the context of the current political, economic and investment climate as well as investment manager performance relative to their peers.

Client Meetings

Throughout the year we meet with you to review your portfolio's investment performance and discuss any changes in your financial situation. Once per year we review with you your investment objectives and guidelines. Each quarter we report back to you:

  • Asset allocation changes in light of performance and investment goals
  • Investment performance versus stated benchmarks and peer group performance
  • Any performance deviations and suggestions for corrective action

Minimum Account Size

Optimally, accounts are generally $1,000,000 minimum. Accounts that do not meet this minimum will be taken into consideration.


Fees for continuous investment management are based on a percent of assets managed, ranging from 0.5% to 1% depending on the size of your portfolio.


For over three decades, Aegis Capital Management, Inc. has provided comprehensive financial management for high net worth individuals. Our goal is to ensure that you never outlive your wealth. We believe that all our clients have both the right and responsibility to play a direct role in decisions that impact their financial future. Toward this end, we partner with our clients to share knowledge, clarify priorities and implement strategies that lead to long-term financial security. We also offer the option of socially responsible investing so that our clients’ portfolios reflect their values.
We are a manager of managers. Each portfolio should have an appropriate allocation among bonds and stocks and within stocks to large cap, mid cap, small cap and international. We don’t believe any one individual can be a master of all these investment choices. Accordingly, we select for you the very best portfolio managers we can find for each asset class we are investing in from the universe of all investment managers. The result is a further level of diversification with the intent of providing you with the best performance at the lowest cost.
The CFA charter is a prestigious credential awarded only to a very select group of investment specialists who have mastered a rigorous curriculum covering a broad range of investment-related subjects. The CFA designation represents broad investment knowledge across core areas of the industry—from portfolio management to asset valuation, derivatives to quantitative analysis. To earn the right to use the CFA designation, candidates must pass three levels of examination, which requires hundreds of hours of study over at least three years.
We believe that the most important thing is listening to our clients, seeing them as unique individuals and learning about their personal financial goals and risk tolerances. We want them to sleep better at night, not stay awake worrying about their investments.
We hope that our clients will develop a sense of confidence in their wealth, so that they’re able to make decisions that are going to bring them the quality of life that they want. We know we’ve done a good job when our clients are able to buy the house they wanted, when they’re confident even during a difficult market, when they’re able to pay for their grandchild’s education, when they’ve taken the early retirement they dreamed of, or when they’re bringing to life their charitable giving programs.
Aegis is a completely independent fee-only firm. We work through Charles Schwab in order to have access to a wide variety of mutual funds and separate account managers, but we are not loyal to any brand and are under no pressure to purchase the products of any one firm. As a NAPFA advisor, our alliance is to our clients—exclusively. This way we can shop in an unlimited universe to deliver the very best managers at the lowest available cost to our clients.
Aegis works with a very small, select group of clients, so we are very hands-on with each of them and know them individually. All of our work is specific to who they are. We do not use model portfolios or pre-defined risk levels. Each account is overseen on a daily basis. We also interact with clients’ tax accountants, estate attorneys and insurance agents to help ensure that all their professionals are working in concert to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients’ best advantage.
We provide fee-only services. We do not take any commissions. Fees for continuous investment management are based on a percent of assets managed.
We meet with clients at least quarterly to review the performance of their portfolios. But we also check in with clients regularly to find out if there have been any life changes that would affect their investments, such as a marriage, birth or inheritance. Additional meetings are at your discretion.
People come to Aegis for consultations for many reasons. Some have had a life-changing event, such as an inheritance or an early retirement offer, and need to develop a plan for the future. Some are divorcing and need to decide how to best divide assets. Many clients have multiple money managers and need help to see the big picture of how their assets are invested. If you want to develop a plan for the future, we can provide a comprehensive investment or retirement plan. Do you want to know more about our process? Click Here.
Yes. We can help shape your portfolio to reflect your values and principles. Learn more.
We will first send you our Investment Advisory Contract, and once that is complete we will setup your Schwab Accounts. On average, from the time the contract is received until the accounts are under Aegis Supervision is 2-4 weeks.


Socially Responsible Investing

Socially responsible investing incorporates the investor’s social, ethical, moral, or religious criteria in the investment decision-making process. Some people define it for themselves as investing with their conscience, or investing with heart. It is a way to extend your personal values into your finances, and to make conscious decisions about how your money will affect issues important to you.

If you are interested in socially responsible investing, we will guide you through the process of determining how your portfolio can best reflect your values. We work with dedicated managers in the field to ensure that your portfolio meets both your financial and socially responsible goals.

In addition, Aegis maintains a philanthropic giving program which focuses on helping women achieve financial independence. We currently donate 5% of revenues, or 100% of profits, to nonprofit agencies which include the Global Fund for Women, the Economic Development and Justice Fund of The Women’s Foundation, and YWCA Kauai, which is the sole provider of support for domestic violence victims on the Island of Kauai. Our goal is to grow our bottom line to eventually donate up to 25% of revenues to these nonprofit groups.


FAQs about Socially Responsible Investing

Screens are the criteria that you establish for what you will and won’t invest in. You may screen out types of investments that are in conflict with your values, such as companies that deal in tobacco, weapons or animal testing, or which have bad environmental track records or operate in certain countries. You may also choose to screen in certain types of investments, such as companies which have positive human rights and labor rights track records, or which employ environmentally responsible practices.
All financial decisions should be made thoughtfully, and deciding on socially responsible investing is no exception. Together we will explore why you are interested, what issues matter the most to you, and how your financial goals can best be met. Over time, we will build your knowledge and understanding of both general investing and socially responsible investing.
Absolutely. Socially responsible investing provides very respectable results, and can even beat the results of traditional investments in some cases. But socially responsible investing can be more expensive because of research costs, so we often provide a cost-benefit ratio analysis to help you decide. We are here to guide you through the process and make the best decision in line with both your investment goals and ethical beliefs.


Not at all. You may choose to allocate any percentage of your portfolio to socially responsible investments. It is never an all-or-nothing decision. Like all your investments, socially responsible investments must ultimately serve your financial needs first.
Not necessarily. We can help you draw very simple or very complex parameters for your investments. You may just want to avoid one or two types of investments, or you may want to establish a proactive investment strategy designed to achieve very specific results in a certain area. Socially responsible investing can be a very powerful tool for personal and social change at any level.
Shareholder activism has been gaining ground recently and has been responsible for some significant advances for participants. Shareholder activism is encouraged and in some cases very effective, especially in socially responsible mutual funds.

Lifetime Planning

Our lifetime planning services aim to maximize your ability to maintain financial independence, protect your accumulated savings, and plan for major events over your lifetime. We help you to understand the financial impact of choices available to you so that you can make the best decisions possible. A lifetime plan is not a one time, static document; rather like life, it is dynamic and must be flexible to meet your changing circumstances and goals. We collaborate with you to make sure your lifetime plan remains updated and relevant. We show you how you can reach your goals by proper management of your financial resources and choices.

Because financial decisions can be complicated we strive to simplify the process for our clients, by balancing our expertise with a personal touch. Each client has individual concerns, goals, and circumstances that need to be taken into account. We use that information unique to you in order to arrive at your customized lifetime plan. With your personal plan in hand, you can better navigate to maximize the quality of your life.

What is the process for lifetime planning?

Current Situation 

We’ll establish our client-planner relationship and gather information including your current financial picture, risk tolerance, and financial goals. This will allow us to evaluate and analyze where you are today.

Goal Setting 

Do you want to save for…… a child’s college expenses? A European vacation? Retirement at age 60? A grandchild’s wedding? From wishes and wants to necessities, your financial goals are an important component to your lifetime plan. You’ll set out your goals and rank the importance of each during this phase of the process.


We will run modules to determine, given your current situation if your goals are obtainable. If not, we will run alternatives to see what other efforts may be required.

Follow Up 

We assist in monitoring your progress and collaborate with you to update your plan as needed so that your efforts and choices can change as your life circumstances and goals change.

What subjects may be included in a lifetime plan?

  • Financial analysis - including cash flow analysis/planning and budgeting
  • Insurance planning and risk management
  • Employee benefits planning
  • Estate planning
  • Investment planning
  • Income tax planning
  • Retirement planning

What are your fees?

Fees begin at $2500 and up depending on the complexity of the plan.